LabField is Ingar Zach (NO), David Stackenäs and Giuseppe Ielasi (IT). Zach and Stackenäs met in 1996 and have been playing in different projects since 1998. In 2008 they started LabField with their first release Fishforms at Bottrop-Boy. Next release was Collab at Hubro with guest singer Mariam Wallentin. In 2015 Bucket of Songs (also with Wallentin singing on a few tracks) was edited, also by norwegian label Hubro. Ielasi has mixed, edited and mastered the two latter albums and was in the end so involved that we decided to invite him to join the band. Next album with present LabField as a trio. 

Here’s a rare clip from LabFields’ first project, which was an installation at the Ultima Festival in Oslo 2007