Fire!Orchestra - Exit

Fire!Orchestra – Exit

Stackenäs – Bricks 

Jaas - Slowly Rocking


Emil Strandberg &c

E Strandberg 3 &c

Emil Strandberg - More music for trumpet, guitar and bass

Emil Strandberg 3

 Emil Strandberg - Works

E Strandberg Works

Labfield - Collab (Hubro Music)

Labfield Collab

Labfield - Bucket of Songs (Hubro)


David Stackenäs ‎– Bow (Kning Disk)

Stackenäs Bow

Agape - Guardaropa/Open (Kning Disk)

Agape II

Mats Gustafsson & David Stackenäs ‎– Blues (Atavistic)


Agape (Creative Sources Rec)

Agape – Agape

David Stackenäs - Separator (Found You Recordings)

Stackenäs solo

David Stackenäs ‎– The Guitar (Häpna)

Stackenäs solo

Boots Brown - “Dashes to Dashes” (Häpna)

Boots Brown

Pipeline (Corbett vs. Dempsey)


Boots Brown ‎– Boots Brown - Slottet Records ‎– SLM7

Boots Brown

Rodrigues/Rodrigues/Torres/Stackenäs - Wounds of Light

Wounds of Light

Seval 2

Seval 2

Seval: i know you (482 Music)

Seval I know you

Two Days In December : Ken Vandermark / Strid / Sandell / Stackenas / Nordeson ‎– Two Days In December (Wobbly Rail, 2002)

Vandermark duos

Labfield - Fishforms (Bottrop-Boy)

Labfield Fishforms

L. Nyberg Terrestrial

Lina Nyberg - Aerials

Lina Nyberg Aerials

The Ägg ‎– The Ägg

The Ägg ‎– The Ägg

Stackenäs/Sandell duo + Evan Parker trio - Gubbröra (PSI)


The Ägg - Machines (Tilting Converter, 2016)

The Ägg Machines

Sten Sandell - Music inside the Language (LJ-records)

Sten Sandell/DS

Hot Four - Eye of the Moose (creative sources rec)

Hot Four

The New Songs - A Nest at the Junction of Paths (umlaut records)

The New Songs

Fred Lonberg-Holm/David Stackenäs duo (flying aspidistra)

Fred L-H/Stackenäs

Fred Lonberg Holm - Lightbox Ensemble (flying aspidistra)

Lightbox Ensemble

The King of Herrings

King of Herrings

Ken Vandermarks Territory Band 6 w Fred Anderson - Collide

KV’s Territory Band

Beirut-Ystad (Olof Bright Records)


Lina Nyberg Band - Palaver (Moserobie)

Lina Nyberg Palaver

Christer Bothén trio - triolos (LJ Records)

Christer Bothén Trio

H Appelkvist - Sjunga slutet nu

Hans Appelqvist

Tri-Dim - tridimprovisations

Tri-Dim – 1 of 2

Lina Nyberg Band - Tellus (moserobie)

Lina Nyberg – Tellus


Tri-Dim 2 of 2

Peter Danemo

Peter Danemo

Fire!Orchestra - Enter (Rune Grammofon)

Fire!Orchestra Enter