Fred Lonberg-Holm – cello
Sofia Jernberg – vocals
Emil Strandberg – trumpet
Patric Thorman – bass
David Stackenäs – acoustic guitar


Seval is a Swedish-American jazz/improv/pop-group formed in 2008, performing music and lyrics by cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm. Having released two albums and performed in nine countries, Seval is exploring its music and building a bigger audience. The musical idea is to perform the songs without arrangements, thus allowing them to take any shape. This is carried out by Lonberg-Holm himself, known as an important figure on the alternative Chicago music scene, together with four of Sweden’s most prominent contemporary jazz/improv musicians. The joy of it being the combination of good songs, fine improvising musicians and the somewhat unpredictable song forms. In 2012 Seval received Swedish Radio’s award ”Jazzkatten” as Group of the Year.


I Know You (482 Music, 2011)
2 (482 Music, 2012)
Seval Video
Bergen, Norway, April 2013


on Soundcloud: LIGHT BRUSH


full albums on Spotify: SEVAL ON SPOTIFY